How Long Is A Pre-Roll Good For?

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When it comes to enjoying cannabis in a convenient, perfectly-packed form, you just can’t beat a great pre-roll. And here at Sneakers, we’re pretty proud to say that we craft some of the very best in the business.

So, when you find pre-rolls that really hit the spot, you’ll probably want to stock up to make sure you always have some on hand. But that leads us to an all-too-common question: how long are pre-rolls good for? With a little bit of know-how and a few handy tips, you can learn how to keep joints fresh for as long as possible.

How Long are Pre-Rolls Good For?

First things first, let’s give you a solid answer to the question of how long a joint is good for. 

If you’re properly storing your pre-rolls, you can expect them to stay in good condition for about 12 months. 

Not sure how long you’ve had a particular pre-roll? Hold it up to your nose and take a big whiff; if you can still smell that delightfully “weed-y” aroma, the cannabis terpenes are still present, and you have a solid smoke sesh ahead. 

If you’ve passed the 12-month mark, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to toss the joint. THC takes longer than a year to degrade, so the chances are good that you can still enjoy its effects. The flavor might be a little lacking, and it might not hit quite as nicely – but as long as there’s no mold or damage, you’re still free to light up and give it a go.

How to Keep a Pre-Roll Fresh

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Sure, stale joints are technically still smokeable. But wouldn’t you rather take a few simple steps to keep your pre-rolls fabulously fresh as long as possible? 

Ultimately, the key to optimal freshness is proper storage. 

Store pre-rolls in an airtight container.

Most pre-rolls are packaged in handy, resealable plastic bags. And even though these are technically “airtight,” they have some drawbacks (mainly a lack of overall protection).

Instead, if you’re a pre-roll enthusiast, investing in some quality storage is a good idea. Your options include:

  • Doob tubes: Compact, portable, and easy to throw in your pocket or purse, a doob tube is an excellent way to store partially smoked joints.
  • Cigar tubes: Another option is a cigar tube specifically designed to be airtight to preserve freshness. Some people already have a cigar tube on hand; if you do, they work perfectly well.
  • Glass Mason jars: If you like to keep a collection of pre-rolls at the ready, an airtight Mason jar is a must. Mason jars have specially-made sealing lids, but you can also find options from other brands that boast secure, latching lids. 

Protect pre-rolls from damage. 

Even the best-made pre-rolls aren’t going to survive an extended period of time rolling around loose in a pocket or baggie. No matter how you’re storing pre-rolls, it’s important that they are properly secured in a way that minimizes movement. If joints are constantly being shifted and moved, it’s easy for them to get smashed, come loose, or get damaged in a way that ruins them completely.

Keep pre-rolls away from moisture and light.

Cannabis is sensitive to environmental factors like light and moisture, so be aware of how you store it. Light can lead to degradation, and too much humidity creates the perfect growing conditions for mold. 

It’s easy enough to keep your joints out of the light, but how do you control humidity? Premium pre-rolls, like the varieties from Sneakers, come with specialized humidity packets to preserve potency and flavor. Each of our pre-roll five-packs includes a Boveda ® 1 gram packet to properly humidify our cannabis to retain its potency and flavor.

Advantages of Using Boveda ® for Freshness

Keeping our pre-rolls at top quality is our number one priority. That’s why we use Boveda® to control the humidity. We came up with a list of other advantages to using 1 gram packet of Boveda ® to preserve freshness.

  • Preservation of quality and consistency
  • Perfect relative humidity (RH) from 55% and 65% to protect cannabis for 2-6 months
  • Easy to use; protecting your weed efficiently and quickly with the close of a lid.

Shop the Best Pre-Rolls from Sneakers

If you want to make the most of your pre-roll experience, you’re going to need to start with a high-quality product – look no further than Sneakers pre-rolls. Our premium joints are made with 100% ground cannabis (no shake!), featuring in-season strains harvested at peak quality.

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